A world class product range

As well as producing our own range of filters Germ Africa is in partnership with a range of well known leading industry brands. For ore information on our products or to become a partner with Germ Africa please email info@germafrica.com with your details and we will contact you. 

Graver Technologies offers liquid process filters, air and gas filters, crossflow membrane filters, ion exchange products, condensate polishing filters and adsorbents for a variety of industries.

Graver Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures products that facilitate and enhance separation, purification, and process filtration. Graver Technologies specializes in the trace contaminant removal and purification of process water, fluids, compressed air, and process gases.

Germ Africa has been providing products from Graver Technologies for over 20 years

  EMEC Multiple function controllers, e.g. pH, Rh, Chlorine coupled with a 0÷20mA remote control. Also, any combination of the former functions, with Conductivity and Turbidity. Reliable pumps, incorporating the latest electronic controls, together with specific marked-oriented additions e.g. solenoid actuated valves
   FSI is the industry leader in innovative, state-of-the-art filtration products and solutions. With over 48 active patents, including Polyloc® ring and Polymicro® seamless filter bags.
Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited (FICL), based in the United Kingdom, is the sole manufacturer of the world-famous range of Doulton® and British Berkefeld® ceramic drinking water filters. With over 150 years continuous manufacturing experience and Doulton® and British Berkefeld® in use in home water filtration systems in 140 countries world-wide, FICL is a global leader in water purification, helping to provide safe, clean, filtered drinking water to millions of people every day.
LAKOS Separators and Filtration systems can be used in a wide variety of applications, helping to separate settleable solids from liquid or to remove floating organics with our media filters and filter screens. This includes cooling tower filtration which is achieved by cleaning cooling tower basins, to heat exchanger protection to preventing sand damage to submersible pumps and many more

RUSCO’s SpinDownTM Sediment and Sediment Trapper Model Filters make solid particle removal simple and economical. Available for ALL size Water Systems.

DOSEURO is a combination of two capabilities, the first is a technical expertise gained from many years of experience in the chemical dosing field. The second is a commercial understanding of the changes in this field and a sensitivity beyond the requirements of our customers.
  A range of products manufactured in South Africa designed to supply the Southern African Market.