Flowrite distribute a complete multi cartridge filter housing range the SL range, which caters for higher flow rate requirements starting from a 6 cartridge configurations up to 180.

Options include 304L or 316L stainless steel with swing bolt closure. The units are fabricated to the requirements of the client.

Inlet and outlet configurations will depend on flowrate for the required application


  • Multiple Cartridges for increased filtration
  • Designed for industrial and commercial filtration needs
  • Heavy duty construction for durability, 304SS standard with 316SS or Mild Steel options available.
  • Pipe fittings readily accessible for easy installation
  • Knife edge seal at both cartridge ends to eliminate by-pass
  • Standard housings accept double-open-end cartridges
  • Optionally accepts 222 or 226 cartridge variations

The SL housings are available as coded vessels or non-coded. All vessels are manufactured under strict quality control procedures. The Flowrite SL range covers cartridge lengths from 10” to 40” units.

Flowrite 1FS2 Bag Filter housing

The Flowrite “xFSi2” series bag filter housings utilise modern engineering techniques to provide a robust vessel with a maximum pressure rating of 1000 kPa. Flowrite “FS” series housings are made from durable 304 or 316 stainless steel to ensure years of maintenance-free, reliable service. They are free-standing and are fitted standard with 50mm or 80mm flanged inlet and outlet connections. Other sizes are available on request.

Flowrite “FS” Series bag filter housings are the automatic choice for safe, trouble-free and cost-effective filtration.

Amongst the many features of the “FS” series housings are covers secured by four swing-bolts to allow quick, easy access to the filter bag.
Internally, the filter bag is securely supported by a stainless steel perforated plate basket to provide maximum strength and minimum flow resistance.
Bag-to-housing seal is assured by FSI’s proven Polyloc® ring sealing method.

The Polyloc® ring ensures that no bypass occurs during the filtration process. The Flowrite FSI2 housing is a standard double-length vessel (industry standard D/L 32″ filter bags) and is available in multiple bag configurations. From a1-bag up to a 12-round bag housing thereby providing one vessel for the flow rate required for your application.

Features & benefits

  • All stainless steel
  • Low maintenance and excellent chemical resistance
  • Swing Bolt Closure
  • Quick, no-tools access to the filter cartridges
  • Drain & gauge ports
  • Versatile threaded ports for simple multi-tasking
  • Cover vent port
  • Easy, safe venting prior to start-up
  • Versatile filter bags
  • Many materials and filtration ratings available

Flowrite RHS – Filter cartridge housing

Single Cartridge Housings for Liquids

The single shell design has been a standard in the industry for over 30 years. Available in 316L Stainless Steel the RHS series is perfect for almost any application. The maximum design working pressure is 300psi @ 200ºF.

The RHS series is available in a wide range of connection sizes to fit your application as well as a wide variety of gasket options that make this housing compatible with almost any fluid. The standard gasket material is Buna-N.


  • Designed for industrial and commercial filtration needs
  • Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Offered in several materials
  • Simple ring closure for quick cartridge change outs
  • In line fittings for easy installation
  • Knife edge seal at both cartridge ends to eliminate by-pass
  • Housings accept double-open-end cartridges
  • Complete selection of pipe fittings: flanged, sanitary and BSP
  • Standard with mounting bracket kit


Flowrite RHS Housing is compatible with a wide range of applications including | Chemical | Ink & Paint | Food & Beverage | Petrochemical | Photographic | Plating | Electronics | Oil & Gas | Pharmaceutical

Domestic Water Filters

At Germ Africa we sell Domestic water filters in addition to our wide range of industrial water filters. Our primary product offering for house and home is from the Doulton range of filter cartridges.

The range of housing and Ceramic filters from Doulton caters for all your concerns for your families needs.

Doulton Water Filter cartridges
A rich history in filters for your home and business

We also provide our own range of filter cartridges under the banner Flowrite.

Flowrite – locally made and imported filters


In 19th Century England, the River Thames was London s main water supply and sewer. Henry Doulton discovered that filtering water through a porous ceramic could stop people becoming sick from cholera and other water-borne diseases. This was a revolution in water treatment.

Fast forward 175 years and the ceramic filtration technology has advanced a long way, but the principles of our ceramic filters remain the same – providing safe, healthy, great-tasting drinking water wherever and whenever you need it. From a mud hut in Uganda to an office block in Utah, Doulton filters are working round-the-clock to provide millions of people with water they can enjoy and trust.

Doulton Stainless Steel – Counter top filter housing

Doulton® filters offer you bottled water quality on tap 24 hours a day. Our unique ceramic filtration technology produces drinking water of unrivalled quality. All of our filter grades have been microbiologically tested. Most grades also remove chlorine and improve the taste and odour of the water, while others use lead absorbtive media to take out toxic lead specifically and other heavy metals.


Our Flowrite range of filters offer affordable filtration at a level of quality again to ensure your continued peace of mind.

We continually add to our range of filtration related products and also keep a standard stock of your common components like filter cartridges, filter housings and activated carbon filter cartridges.

Clear bowl filter housing for 10″ cartridge

If it is a simple tap plugin then we can offer counter top units to suit. Or perhaps an under counter unit suits your needs. We have many different designs and styles.

Faucet diverter on Doulton HCS

Are you looking for taste and possible odour removal from your home then look for the Activated Carbon water filter cartridge equivalent designed for such use.


We do all this in the hope to ensure your drinking water in your home is as it should be.

Filter water in a glass jug
Trusted Doulton filters

Filter Cartridges

Filtration and Particle removal


The Filtration Division of Germ Africa offer a wide range of locally manufactured and imported filtration related products including:

Our fields of expertise extend to the following areas where we can help you achieve your aims.

  • Water Purification

Ion exchange resins and back washable filters for condensate polishing and ultra pure water applications

  • Trace Contaminant Reduction

Adsorbent media for removing organic, inorganic and heavy metal impurities from industrial and aqueous fluids

  • Process Filtration

Liquid, air and gas filters and cross flow membranes for clarification of industrial and critical process streams

Our exclusive range of imported filter cartridges are supplied by Graver Technologies of the USA.

Whilst we manufacture as well as import a range of filter bags from FSI/PALL, these bags are primarily used in the automotive sector due to their speciality in nature.

Our South African manufactured filtration range of products are marketed under the brand name Flowrite, we manufacture yarn wound filter cartridges as well as resin bonded filter cartridges.

The products supplied and supported by the Filtration Division are primarily geared towards the filtration of liquids and compressed gasses. These products are typically reticulated in piping systems from 15mm diameter upwards, and at pressures from 20 bar down, and the product range of the Division reflects this.

Our Mission in the filtration division is:

To provide value-added products and innovative technological solutions for process filter markets.


To be a leading provider of liquid process filters in our served markets.

To be a preferred partner of our customers by providing high quality products and outstanding service.

To grow profitably, thereby increasing customer loyalty and stakeholder value.

However, special-duty products can be designed for almost any application.

The Filtration Division products are currently providing reliable, efficient and low-cost service in many industries, including:

  • Pulp & Paper
  • Auto-Manufacturing
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Domestic Water
  • Power Generation
  • Steel Mills
  • Wines & Spirits