Centrisep Automated Flushing Strainer

Solids in any liquid system flow are the single greatest cause of engineering problems such as:

  • Piping and equipment wear
  • Plugged nozzles and valves
  • Reduced flow, downtime
  • Excessive maintenance.

Removing these solids used to mean using expensive filters or strainers having filter elements which also clogged and fouled.  Replacing or cleaning these elements was in itself, also a great cause of maintenance and expense.  No longer, though – now the new CentriSep range of centrifugal action separators removes the solids by a combination of centrifugal force and gravity.


No screens to clean.
No bags or cartridges to replace.
No working parts to wear out or break down.


Liquid flow enters the upper conical acceleration chamber tangentially, and this imparts a swirling action to the flow.  The flow then enters the separation column where centrifugal force caused by the increased velocity separates particles with a specific gravity twice that of the liquid and forces them onto the walls of the column where they descend by gravity to collect in the lower collection chamber.


The clear liquid is drawn up the vortex and discharges out of the top outlet. The accumulated solids are flushed out of the purge port periodically using manual or simple automatic valving.


There are countless possible applications where CentriSep can save you money and time:

  • In agriculture, protecting spray nozzles on irrigation systems
  • On borehole-sourced water, removing silt before it can reach the header tank
  • On cooling water lines, removing solids to protect valves, instruments and equipment
  • On cooling towers, keeping sumps and nozzles clear and functioning efficiently
  • On lines with some oil in the water, CentriSep has no screens to foul and slime


Re-look at your problematic, old-fashioned, costly, filtering methods, or at areas where you wish you could use a filter but traditional types just can’t do the job – on applications where the particles have an SG twice that of water, CentriSep is the answer!