Flowmatic Activated Carbon Filter

The Flowrite Flowmatic Activated Carbon and KDF filter cartridge provides and easy to use filter for micro-organisms, which contains pre and post filtration in a cartridge.


  • Cartridge and filter housing are seperate
  • Contains 700 grams of activated Carbon and KDF 55 resin
  • Fits both countertop and under counter systems
  • Uses granular activated carbon
  • Integral pre and post filtration in a cartridge
  • Contains KDF 55 media


  • Only Necessary to replace the Cartridge not the complete unit
  • Produces large volumes of pure filtered water
  • Flexible installation
  • Absorbs chlorine, volatile organic compounds and bad taste and odour
  • Removes lead and heavy metals
  • Controls Micro Arganisms

The Flomatic Filter Cartirdge comes in the following sizes:

Granular activated carbon with KDF, 10” long