Flowrite FH Jumbo Plastic Filter Housing – Big Blue

Flowrite “FH” plastic filter housings are suitable for use in most liquid filtration applications. They are available in three sizes (¾” NPT port 10″ & 20″ long & 1½NPT port 10″ long “Jumbo”) for maximum versatility. Being of all-polypropylene construction (glass–reinforced) they are compatible with most liquids being filtered. Large internal passages ensure high flow capacities combined with low pressure drops. When fitted with our standard Flowrite “Jumbo” wound filter cartridges, rated flows are shown in the table below.


These high flow rates mean smaller space requirements for a given flow rate, and fewer housings needed in multiple parallel housing applications. In all cases, housings are suitable for operating parameters set out below. For advice on specific applications, please contact your Flowrite “FH” distributor.


  • Polypropylene materials
  • Three connection sizes
  • High flow capacities


  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Fits most piping systems
  • Low space requirements for given flow


The table below gives the water flow rate in l/min per size of filter housing when fitted with our standard Flowrite “Jumbo” wound filter cartridge

Suitable Filter Cartridges

Flowrite “FH” filter housings should be used with Flowrite “Jumbo” all-polypropylene, 10” long, wound filter cartridges in a wide range of micron ratings. Please ask your distributor for details.


Port Size

Flow Rate


3/4” NPT

40 l/min


3/4” NPT

40 l/min


1½” NPT

120 l/min



Operating Parameters


Maximum Operating Temperature

50 C

Max Operating pressure


Max. Recommended change out differential pressure