K Series: Analogue Foot Mounted Pumps

Analogue Foot Mounted Pumps

KMS Series – Analogue metering pumps are manufactured in moulded glass filled and Polypropylene housing, therefore it ensures protection against aggressive chemicals and tough environment.


Constant pump with stroke speed (frequency) adjustment


Solenoid-driven metering pump K PLUS is the perfect solution for medium dosage need.
Foot mounted, it is equipped with microprocessor technology and manual stroke length adjustment. All liquid ends are in PVDF, but pump head and accessories in PP and hose in PE are available on request.

Pump head is available with manual or self venting.

K PLUS, with constant/proportional dosing system, has level control, digital signal, current signal and the following working modes: constant/constant with 1-10 divider, 1-10 pulses multiplier, 1-10 pulses divider, 10-100 pulses divider, 100-1000 pulses divider and mA current signal (0/4 mA = 0 pulses: 20mA=max pulses).


Constant pump with level control, stroke speed and stroke length adjustment.


Constant pump with speed reducer 1/10.