Siliphos Scale Inhibitor SS-5-10

The Klariflo SS-5-10 filter cartridge does not soften water by removing calcium or magnesium from the water. It works by sequestering the hardness so preventing calcium and magnesium from depositing as scale in your pipes and appliances.The chemical used to do this is called Siliphos™ which is the only sparingly soluble glassy polyphosphate/ silica mixture available in its form made from food grade ingredients meeting the purity requirements of the FOA.

  • Removes dirt/rust to 5 micron for clean water
  • Prevents deposit of hard scale
  • Made from approved food grade materials
  • Protects pipework from corrosion

Dirt and Rust RemovalThe exclusive process of forming white cellulose fibres into a permanent, rigid and porous filter matrix with the spaces between the fibres becoming gradually smaller towards the cartridge centre (graded density) creates a highly efficient filter. This construction maximises dirt removal efficiency as the water passes through creating a filter which out performs other methods of construction.Annular grooves in the outer surface of the filter cartridge provide increased surface area. The cartridge is rated for 5 micron particle removal i.e. particle removal as fine as a single grain of Talcum powder.Features

  • Exclusive graded density filter construction
  • Contains pure Siliphos
  • Rigid construction
  • Siliphos crystals can be checked
  • Fits both Aqua-Pure whole house and Counter Top models
  • Leaves calcium in the water


  • Maximises filter life and efficiency. Removes particles down to 5 micron
  • Nontoxic effective anti-scaling action
  • Does not deform or break up.
  • Maximises filtration and Siliphos efficiency
  • Allowing easy identification for cartridge replacement
  • Flexible in use
  • No need to replace in your diet


  • Length: 248mm
  • Outer Diameter: 65mm
  • Approximate Weight: 260 grams
  • Weight of Siliphos: 130 grams
  • Temperature of Inlet Water: 4 ºC – 38ºC