EM SERIES: High & Slow Speed Mixers

DOSEURO is known for developing and manufacturing dosing pumps. They also have a complete range of mixers to face and solve problems in many industrial applications such as chemicals production, water treatment and food production.
Our mixers are built according to CE regulations and are marked and documented accordingly.


  • Electrical motors: available in both TEFC or ATEX.
    Conforming to international standards, they are available with
    several voltages, frequencies and insulation options.
  • Gearboxes: are selected for their strength and reliability.
    They are oil or grease lubricated, endless worm and wheel
    type reducers.
  • Variable speed drivers: they can be electronic inverter or
    mechanical type as well.
  • Extension flanges: in aluminium or carbon steel, they are
    available with simplex or double bearings. They can be
    supplied with UNI – ASME – DIN flange standards where
  • Shafts: as a standard, they are supplied in S.S. 304 but
    they are available in S.S. 316, C40 polypropylene coated,
    Ebanite or other acid proof materials as well.
  • Propellers: they can be of different types and shapes,
    typically marine, axial or radial flow turbine.