PH Electrodes

EMEC pH electrodes or probes assure long-time stability and accuracy. pH easy-maintenance electrodes provides accurate reading value and fast response, performances required for the most accurate measurements. Single and double junction models are available.

pH electrodes double junction models only are suitable for sea-water. Double junction system offers better electrode protection and guarantees a longer service life. Choose double junction models if you are working with materials like sulphide, sulphur and silver.


The ph probes lifetime is affected by the working conditions: such as temperature, solution type (acid or alkaline). Usually working at room temperature with a weak solution the electrode’s lifetime is around 2 years. Increasing temperature drastically changes the lifetime. Electrodes get old quickly while stocked.


Wash the electrode and dry it without wipes, just shaking it. Don’t wipe or brush, this would create electrostatic charges that can influence the reading of the electrode. Follow the controller’s electrode calibration procedure, always use new buffer solutions.


When the reading of the electrode is slow or unstable it may be because it’s dirty, cleaning is needed at fixed intervals to remove the dust. Remove the electrode from the system, wash it with clean fresh water and then dip it in to an acid solution of HCl (max 10%) for five minutes. Abundantly rinse it with fresh water and perform a new calibration.


Always keep the electrodes in the original stocking bottles, the liquid inside is a transparent KCl at pH4. Never leave the electrodes dry, keep it in water for short time stocking.