ERMES is an advanced remote management system will become your most reliable assistant for monitoring in every moment and at the same time each of your systems, everywhere you are, with the ease and quickness of a web app.

ERMES is able to oversee and manage parameters of all operating EMEC enabled systems, monitoring probes, instrument inputs, product levels, temperature and setpoints. You’ll be able to easily read, analyse and modify the instruments parameters immediately and comfortably from your PC, smartphone or tablet, through a whatever browser and a simple but powerful interface.

Upon request, ERMES can keep you constantly informed via email or SMS about the instruments status and about potential alarms with different report options, considerably reducing the need of on-site operations and inspections.

Thanks to ERMES you are the first to be informed to promptly intervene if necessary. Real-time supervision, analysis and setting, everywhere you are, through diagrams and reports, to optimise your systems performances: ERMES will make you improve your work organization, enabling you to easily plan routine operations with no extra cost.