The POOLBRAVO is a turnkey product that immediately manages the main parameters concerning swimming pool water treatment, in order to optimize the dosing and consumption of chemicals needed to respect the physico-chemical requirements of water.

poolbravo blu

Its elegant cover makes POOLBRAVO suitable for any installation context, besides safeguarding from accidental loss of liquid, at the same time preserves the cleanliness and the integrity of the inner components .

The LD multiple reading digital system inside POOLBRAVO gives you the complete control over the main measuring parameters and over the dosing of the required chemicals. Besides being easy to use, the LCD display and the ENCODER control knob that makes simple to browse through its configuration menus. Complete control also comes from the wide range of probes that can measure: hydrogen,peroxideoxygenbrominechlorineozoneperacetic acid and chlorine dioxide.

EMEC V series dosing pumps complete POOL BRAVO dosing system.

A multi-colored LED light is installed on PEF probe-holder in order to quickly signal, through an opening on the cover, specific operation statuses or possible alarms according to the color of the light.