Domestic Water Filters

At Germ Africa we sell Domestic water filters in addition to our wide range of industrial water filters. Our primary product offering for house and home is from the Doulton range of filter cartridges.

The range of housing and Ceramic filters from Doulton caters for all your concerns for your families needs.

Doulton Water Filter cartridges
A rich history in filters for your home and business

We also provide our own range of filter cartridges under the banner Flowrite.

Flowrite – locally made and imported filters


In 19th Century England, the River Thames was London s main water supply and sewer. Henry Doulton discovered that filtering water through a porous ceramic could stop people becoming sick from cholera and other water-borne diseases. This was a revolution in water treatment.

Fast forward 175 years and the ceramic filtration technology has advanced a long way, but the principles of our ceramic filters remain the same – providing safe, healthy, great-tasting drinking water wherever and whenever you need it. From a mud hut in Uganda to an office block in Utah, Doulton filters are working round-the-clock to provide millions of people with water they can enjoy and trust.

Doulton Stainless Steel – Counter top filter housing

Doulton® filters offer you bottled water quality on tap 24 hours a day. Our unique ceramic filtration technology produces drinking water of unrivalled quality. All of our filter grades have been microbiologically tested. Most grades also remove chlorine and improve the taste and odour of the water, while others use lead absorbtive media to take out toxic lead specifically and other heavy metals.


Our Flowrite range of filters offer affordable filtration at a level of quality again to ensure your continued peace of mind.

We continually add to our range of filtration related products and also keep a standard stock of your common components like filter cartridges, filter housings and activated carbon filter cartridges.

Clear bowl filter housing for 10″ cartridge

If it is a simple tap plugin then we can offer counter top units to suit. Or perhaps an under counter unit suits your needs. We have many different designs and styles.

Faucet diverter on Doulton HCS

Are you looking for taste and possible odour removal from your home then look for the Activated Carbon water filter cartridge equivalent designed for such use.


We do all this in the hope to ensure your drinking water in your home is as it should be.

Filter water in a glass jug
Trusted Doulton filters