EMEC Dosing Pumps and Contollers

Germ Africa is the exclusive Southern African distributor for EMEC Srl of Rieti, Italy.

EMEC is the world renowned Italian manufacturer of electronic dosing  pumps as well as associated equipment such as controllers, probes and pulse meters, and are both ISO9001 and NSF accredited.

The range of pumps and instruments, both analogue and digital, covers the full spectrum of electronic metering pump applications in terms of flow, pressure, materials of construction and application-specific designs.


Used in every industry where chemicals or other liquids need to be dosed in specific quantities.

These industries include such applications as:

  • Petro-chemical
  • Water Treatment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Power Generation

Prius D

EMEC’s  PRIUS D series is a motor-driven metering pump that has been entirely projected and engineered to meet higher dosing needs. The PRIUS D is manufactured with a  PTFE diaphragm, aluminium enclosure, spring return mechanism, manual degassing valve (PVDF and PP pump heads), flow regulation, double ball check valve and liquid ends. These pumps available in […]

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ERMES is an advanced remote management system that will become your most reliable assistant for remotely monitoring all of your systems. Monitoring can be done anywhere with the ease and quickness of a web app. ERMES is able to oversee and manage parameters of all EMEC enabled operating systems, monitoring probes, instrument inputs, product levels, […]

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The MTOWER controller is a fully featured cooling tower controller with two way biocide options – inhibitor and bleed control. The MTOWER is available in 1 channel, 2 channel or 3 channel models. The controller is easy to control by means of an ENCODER wheel and an easy-nav rotation. ERMS web communication which allows remote […]

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Customised all in one panel solution from EMEC offers an efficient measuring system that allows for accurate conductivity control. These systems can be remotely monitored and controlled by means of the ERMES software that EMEC offer.

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Chlorine Dioxide generator


WITH PROBE FOR MEASUREMENT LOTUS MINI is all-round solution for all your need of CHLORINE DIOXIDE GENERATOR water disinfection. LOTUS MINI with probe measure system produces, doses and controls chlorine dioxide for water disinfection. It is equipped with ClO2 probe (SCL2 or SCL17) or an mV probe (ERH), a probe holder and a filter. Chlorine dioxide […]

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CENTURIO TOWER is the control instrument in cooling tower water treatment, with the ease and safety of operation you need and with the stylish box designed by Giugiaro Design. CENTURIO is equipped with a Linux operating system, a high performanceARM A5 microprocessor, a large, touchscreen, colour display, in order to give you total and simultaneous […]

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EMEC dosing Pumps

PRISMA Dosing Pump

PRISMA dosing pumps: the incomparable accuracy of the stepper motor – EMEC. EMEC is proud to introduce the new stepper motor-driven dosing pump PRISMA, the best solution for offering high-accuracy metering and extreme reliability. Thanks to the new stepper motor and to the MultiFunction software, PRISMA dosing pumps offer complete control over dosing speeds and […]

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At Germ Africa we Stock a range of spares available making repair and maintenance easy. These include : injection valves foot valves suction and delivery valves pump head, solenoids diaphragms etc. Accessories include: Flow sensors Multi function valves Proximity switches Pulsation Dampeners Level probes Probe holders

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DIN DIGITAL The DIN Digital Series are compact, versatile and user-friendly DIN bar mounting instruments to control and measure pH, Redox (ORP), Chlorine, Conductivity, Ozone and Dissolved Oxygen. They provide reliable and accurate measurements using a digital keyboard and LCD backlight display. Microprocessor based technology controller which is mounted on din rail. The controller has […]

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