TYPE SD – Sandwich Hydraulic Diaphragm

The “SD” type sandwich hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps are suitable for use when the liquid to dose contains small suspended solids and when piston leakage is not accepted. A safety valve is included in the pump to guarantee the diaphragm security against over pressure.

The characteristics of this pump is the special sandwich diaphragm and the reliable rupture detention specifically for industrial applications. 

The gearbox is a standard wormwheel reduction system coupled with a vertical mounted B14 shaped electric motor in accordance with UNEL-MEC specification. The mechanism for variation of the stroke length is a positive stroke spring return which is electrically operated. Stroke adjustment can be done manually, electrically (4-20mA; Profibus) and pneumatically. Different multiple head units are available on request. All the series can be ATEX certified.

Sandwich Hydraulic Diaphragm pumps are suitable for use when:

  • The liquid dosed contains small amounts of suspended solids
  • The liquid dosed is abrasive
  • High pressure is required
  • Flow rates – min 1.5l/h; max 1068l/h
  • Pressure ranges from 3.1 to 14 bar
  • pump has an integrated safety valve to protect the diaphragm against over pressurisation
  • Pump is fitted with a double diaphragm, pressure gauge and pressure switch to detect diaphragm rupture
  • Available in 220V, 380V & 525V – IP55
  • Standard wet-end executions in PVC and 316 stainless steel.
  • Piston in 420 Temp Stainless Steel, Diaphragm PFTE
  • Multi-headed pumps also available on request.

Stroke adjustment  can be carried out:

  • Manual: by means of a linear micrometre screw from 0-100%
  • Electrical: by means of a motor servo controller with a 4-20mA signal
  • Pneumatic: by means of a pneumatic servo controller.