Combined Cycle Power Generation

Condensate polishing (CP) is an essential component of combined cycle plant design and operation because high purity condensate maximizes uptime. CP safeguards high-value plant assets by reducing startup/downtime, stabilizing cycle chemistry, minimizing corrosion transport and optimizing operations.

CP is particularly important for air-cooled condenser (ACC) systems, once through steam generators and plants with frequent startups. Utilities can’t afford to ignore this vital and economical system that consumes a tiny portion – typically 1% – of plant construction budgets.Electric generating station condensate must be maintained at a very high purity level to protect boilers, steam generators, reactors, and turbines from corrosion.

To remove contaminants from the condensate, deep bed ion exchange condensate polishers are used and sometimes preceded by a Powdex® filter demineralizer or a fine particulate filtration system. A Powdex system can also stand alone as the primary polisher. Graver Technologies is the most experienced and knowledgeable Ion Exchange product and Filter Septum manufacturer and offers the most complete range of products to meet today’s challenges.

Whether the need is for high purity condensate polishing bead or powdered ion exchange resins or filter elements specially designed for condensate polishing, Graver Technologies has the answer for your application.