Flowrite Jumbo Wound Filter Cartridges

Are an improved, conventionally wound filter cartridge manufactured on state-of-the-art precision winding machines. Continuous length winding eliminates dead spots and bypass.

The single strand, purpose-spun roving employs a strictly controlled material to produce a consistently high quality filter cartridge giving optimum flow and filtration performance.

Advanced manufacturing technology and strict in-house quality control, combined with a variety of wind patterns, ensures filtration that best fits the application to provide economical and consistent results time after time.


  • Polypropylene core and Polypropylene materials
  • Four different micron ratings
  • Fits Flowrite FH5000 series as well as “Big Blue” housings


  • FDA approved materials for drinking water applications
  • Suitable rating for most applications
  • Easy retrofitting

Flowrite Jumbo wound filter cartridges are primarily intended for use on drinking water applications, but can also successfully be applied on general purpose fluid filtration in many industries.