Combining ion exchange and filtration into one unit, the Graver Powdex® Condensate Polisher removes iron, copper, silica, activated corrosion products and salts, whether soluble or suspended. This is the most economical and efficient system yet devised to provide both filtration and ion exchange capabilities. Powdex systems have been designed with condensate flow capacities up to 33,000 gpm (7,500 m3/hr) for a single installation.

The Powdex condensate polishing system consists of a vessel containing precoatable filter septa. A precoat of powdered ion exchange resin and other materials is placed on the septa and the condensate is passed through the powdered resin, through the element and returned to the condensate system and is discharged to the condensate effluent/feedwater system. Upon exhaustion of the ion exchange resin or high differential pressure, the resin is removed by backwashing and discarded and replaced with a fresh supply.

The improved kinetics of the powdered resin provides highly efficient ion exchange within the thin layer of resin precoated on the elements. The small mesh size of the media also imparts excellent filtration capabilities for suspended solids removal. The high kinetic efficiency, highly regenerated form of the resin, and filtration to very low micron sizes, combine to provide superior effluent quality and extended run lengths.


  • Superior Suspended Solids Removal
  • Filtration and Ion Exchange in a Single System
  • Eliminates Chemical Handling
  • Reduced Waste Water
  • Lower Overall System Cost (capital + operating)
  • Small Equipment Footprint
  • Lower ΔP (Pressure drop)