TAC OIL AMW – Tackiness Agents


Tac-Oil AMW is a highly effective concentrate of polyisobutylene dissolved in white oil, which was developed to suppress the oil mist formation of cutting oils. This ability was proven in laboratory tests and practice. Besides this Tac-Oil AMW is used as tackifier in lubricants where too strong tackiness is not desired.


The recommended concentration in mineral oil is between 0.5 – 2.0 wt.%, depending on the required performance. Tac-Oil AMW is preferably blended at 60°C – 80°C in slow motion (low shearing) blending device. The temperature stability of Tac-Oil AMW is about 150°C for limited time.


Tac-Oil AMW may be stored indoors in the sealed original package for a minimum of 12 months.

Density 15°C (g/ml) 0.8700.8600.890DIN 51 757
Flash point PMCC (°C)175170DIN EN ISO 2719
Viscosity 70°C (mPa·s)13001700DIN 53 015

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