HIP Filter Housing – for Doulton ceramic filter cartridges

In-line filters are highly robust as they are under water pressure all of the time. They were originally designed to be fitted to the mains cold water pipe underneath the kitchen counter.

In addition to being used in the home, FICL’s in-line filters have proved very popular within the water cooler industry. They are easy to incorporate into cooler plumbing.

Made from food grade acetyl and polyester, the HIP is a cost-effective and easy to use filter unit. It can be used either to filter all cold water running into the kitchen sink, or to provide filtered drinking water via a separate faucet. The HIP is fitted with one filter candle. 

  • As standard the HIP takes filter candles which are 10 inches long, 2 inches in diameter, with a short mount.
  • A DIY kit is available with the HIP filter to enable easy fitting via a line piercing valve to 15mm copper pipes without the services of a plumber. The HIP DIY kit also provides all the fittings needed to install a separate drinking water faucet. For any other sizes of pipe or non-copper pipes, a plumber or specialised installer should be consulted
  • Both inlet and outlet are 3/8 inch push fit connections suitable for 3/8 flexible plastic pipe
  • When fitted with Sterasyl™ filter candles, the HIP will produce a flow rate of approximately 300 litres per hour at 3 bar pressure
  • The HIP can be fitted with Sterasyl™, Supercarb™, Ultracarb™ filter candles.
  • The installation instructions provided with the product should always be followed carefully.