Flowrite distribute a complete multi cartridge filter housing range the SL range, which caters for higher flow rate requirements starting from a 6 cartridge configurations up to 180.

Options include 304L or 316L stainless steel with swing bolt closure. The units are fabricated to the requirements of the client.

Inlet and outlet configurations will depend on flowrate for the required application


  • Multiple Cartridges for increased filtration
  • Designed for industrial and commercial filtration needs
  • Heavy duty construction for durability, 304SS standard with 316SS or Mild Steel options available.
  • Pipe fittings readily accessible for easy installation
  • Knife edge seal at both cartridge ends to eliminate by-pass
  • Standard housings accept double-open-end cartridges
  • Optionally accepts 222 or 226 cartridge variations

The SL housings are available as coded vessels or non-coded. All vessels are manufactured under strict quality control procedures. The Flowrite SL range covers cartridge lengths from 10” to 40” units.

Flowrite FH138 clear bowl filter housings

Flowrite Clear Bowl Filter Housing

Flowrite “FH138” clear bowl filter cartridge housings are suitable for use in most liquid filtration applications.  Constructed from polyethylene terephthalate [PET], the most common thermoplastic polymer resin, allowing for a wide range of industrial and domestic uses.  

The housing is suitable for most 9¾” and 10″ double open-ended filter cartridges. The Flowrite housing has ¾” NPT threaded connections with a “screw-type” pressure relief valve, which allows easy filter change-out.

Options are available for wall-mounting (optional brackets available) or plumbed in-line and it has a buttress-type thread providing easy removal of sump for cartridge removal. The filter can then be removed by closing the inlet valve and opening the sump.  This housing is for use on liquid service only.  Not suitable for gas and manufacturing fluids.


  • Clear housings provide instant examination of filter elements without sump removal.
  • Opaque housings suitable for installation in sunny conditions.
  • Robust design for strength.
  • Corrosion resistant plastic materials compatible with most chemicals.


  • Fits most piping systems.
  • Minimum space requirement for given flow.

Flowrite RHS – Filter cartridge housing

Single Cartridge Housings for Liquids

The single shell design has been a standard in the industry for over 30 years. Available in 316L Stainless Steel the RHS series is perfect for almost any application. The maximum design working pressure is 300psi @ 200ºF.

The RHS series is available in a wide range of connection sizes to fit your application as well as a wide variety of gasket options that make this housing compatible with almost any fluid. The standard gasket material is Buna-N.


  • Designed for industrial and commercial filtration needs
  • Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Offered in several materials
  • Simple ring closure for quick cartridge change outs
  • In line fittings for easy installation
  • Knife edge seal at both cartridge ends to eliminate by-pass
  • Housings accept double-open-end cartridges
  • Complete selection of pipe fittings: flanged, sanitary and BSP
  • Standard with mounting bracket kit


Flowrite RHS Housing is compatible with a wide range of applications including | Chemical | Ink & Paint | Food & Beverage | Petrochemical | Photographic | Plating | Electronics | Oil & Gas | Pharmaceutical

HIS Filter Housing

In-line filters are highly robust as they are under water pressure all of the time. They were originally designed to be fitted to the mains cold water pipe underneath the kitchen counter.

In addition to being used in the home, FICL’s in-line filters have proved very popular within the water cooler industry. They are easy to incorporate into cooler plumbing.

  • Ideal for kitchen (under sink), water cooler, or water fountain installation.
  • Up to 300 litres per hour of refreshingly clean drinking water on tap.
  • Easy to install and use. Simple to maintain. Wholly reliable.
  • No power required. Protecting you whether or not power is available.
  • Fitted with long life, cleanable, ceramic filters giving you extra value.
  • Filters out: Pathogenic Bacteria (cholera, typhoid, salmonella, E-coli, etc.). Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and other chlorine resistant parasites.
  • Particles such as rust down to 0.5 microns in size.
  • Chlorine to improve taste and odour (when fitted with a Super-sterasyl™, Supercarb™ or Ultracarb™ filter).
  • Harmful heavy metals such as lead (when fitted with an Ultracarb™ filter).
  • The HIS should be fitted with Sterasyl™, Carbosyl™, Supercarb™ or
  • Ultracarb™ filter candles.

Made from high quality stainless steel, the HIS is a cost-effective and easy touse filter unit. It can be used either to filter all cold water running into the kitchen sink, or to provide filtered drinking water via a separate faucet. The HIS is available with either push-fit or BSP threaded connections.DOULTON