Gravex® is a complete product line of high-purity, quality-certified cation, anion and mixed bed ion exchange resins.

These custom-blended bead resins are the cleanest bead available, washed and classified, every batch tested and samples filed for future reference.

They are processed to meet nuclear specifications. We offer the most conclusive results available for nuclide removal products. Graver Technologies also supplies bead resin manufactured by Dow, Rohm & Haas and Lanxess (Bayer).

These Gravex Nuclear Grade Ion exchange resins are very high capacity polystyrene, gel type resins. They have been regenerated and processed to provide the highest possible performance in nuclear applications. The Gravex cation is specially processed to minimize leachable sulfonic acids.

Its high capacity and oxidative stability help achieve optimal performance. Gravex mixed beds are the most uniformly blended products available and have the same consistent cation to anion ratio in every package. Our unique blending process creates the less separable GR-3-16 NG stoichiometric mixed bed. A 7Li+ form cation is available as GR-7-16 NG and in the GR-4-7 NG mixed bed.

Proven Technology for the Most Challenging Separations