EMS 5190N-Product Emulsifier


EM 5190 N is an emulsifier package based on boron and di-ethanolamines and can be used for the formulation of semi-synthetic, low foaming, watermiscible coolants with a low content of mineral oil.

Emulsifier EM 5190 N is free of EDTA and contains biocides. The product does not contain formaldehyde releasers.


50 wt.% EM 5190 N can be blended with 50 wt.% demineralised water. The blend yields a stable concentrate with a pH-value of 9.4 in a 5% dilution. A 3% emulsion in hard water of 180 ppm yields 0 corrosion in the filter paper chip test according to DIN 51 360/2.


Storage EM 5190 N can be stored safely indoors between +15°C and +30C in properly sealed original packages for a minimum of 6 months.