Graver’s AFA non-precoatable backwashable condensate polishing septa are engineered to meet the high demands in the utility industry for iron oxide removal and repeated backwashing.

A selection of filter media is available in absolute ratings ranging from 1 to over 25 microns to meet the removal requirements of each individual condensate system.

Like all the condensate filters from Graver Technologies, a variety of end fittings can be selected to retrofit the elements in existing Powdex or other condensate filter systems.

Graver is the global leader in high purity and condensate water treatment for power generation applications. Including both ion exchange and back-washable filter and septa. Our innovative technology and products enable our customers to consistently meet today’s tougher requirements for purity.

Graver’s products treat more than 6.5 billion gallons of process water every day in over 38 countries. Over 75 percent of the nuclear-powered generation plants, worldwide, use our technology. Graver has achieved this by consistently delivering dependable, high performance technology and products.

Whether your business is around the corner or around the world, Graver Technologies can support you with superior products and services.