Our Global Utilities Group focuses exclusively on condensate and related process streams.

Electric generating station condensate must be maintained at a very high purity level to protect boilers, steam generators, reactors, and turbines from corrosion. To remove contaminants from the condensate, deep bed ion exchange condensate polishers are used and sometimes preceded by a Powdex® filter demineralizer or a fine particulate filtration system. A Powdex system can also stand alone as the primary polisher. Graver Technologies is the most experienced and knowledgeable Ion Exchange product and Filter Septum manufacturer and offers the most complete range of products to meet today’s challenges. Whether the need is for high purity Gravex® condensate polishing ion exchange resins; the original Aegis® wound, DualGuard® or AFA® pleated filter septa; or the Powdex & Ecodex® families of premium resins, the original and most widely used powdered ion exchange resins, Graver Technologies has the answer for your application.

  • Gravex bead resins for condensate polishing including the lowest residual chloride anion available for treating the most critical operating systems
  • Uniform size Gravex for regenerable deep beds
  • Less separable Gravex for non-regenerable systems
  • Powdex and Ecodex for simultaneous precoat filtration and deionization
  • Aegis precoatable filter septa for Powdex filter demineralizers
  • AFA, the first backwashable pleated filters installed in a condensate pre-filter system
  • DualGuard, combination pleated filter with a precoatable and easily backwashable surface
Product Application Area
Gravex GR 1-0 USGR 2-0 USGR 2-16 NG, GR-3-9 NG Regenerable uniform size resins for condensate polishing
Gravex GR 1-9 US Ultra Ultra low chloride anion – non-regenerable
Gravex GR 1-0 CGGR 2-0 CG Condensate grade standard particle distribution
Ecodex P-202-HP-205-H Precoatable condensate polishing neutral pH
Ecodex P-303-NP-305-N Precoatable condensate polishing elevated pH
Powdex Premix 22H42H62H82H Precoatable condensate polishing neutral pH
Powdex Premix 22N42N Precoatable condensate polishing elevated pH
Powdex PAO with PCH Precoatable condensate polishing neutral pH
Powdex PAO with PCN or PCM Precoatable condensate polishing elevated pH
Ecocote E-100 Fiber overlay precoat for Powdex 
Aegis Wound Septa Precoatable filter septa, 60”, 70”, or 80”
Aegis AFA Filters Backwashable pleated filters
Aegis DualGuard Combination precoat/non-precoat pleated septa
Aegis Thermoguard Precoatable wound septa with carbon fiber yarn for high temperature use
Aegis PowerGuard® Under Drains  
Ecosorb W-701 Specialty carbon precoat for oil & TOC reduction
TurboGuard Large geometry high flow filters for protection of deep beds