Crystal MBF Series Economical Melt Blown Depth Filter Cartridges

Melt Blown Filters

An economical, disposable, filter element that can be used in a wide range of applications. The Crystal MBF depth filter is constructed of 100% polypropylene media for chemical compatibility with a variety of process fluids. The unique Crystal Core prevents collapse even at elevated temperatures.

Crystal MBF Series Economical Melt Blown Depth Filter Cartridges

  • NSF 61 Certified
  • Nominal Micron Ratings – 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75
  • Multi-zone construction for a true graded pore structure
  • 100% pure polypropylene – FDA listed, USP Class VI compliant
  • Most popular end styles available
  • Continuous lengths up to 50″
  • Similar efficiencies to competitive products for ease of replacement
  • Bulk bag option for high volume users

 Typical Applications

  • Food & Beverages
  • Aqueous solutions
  • Wastewat
  • RO prefiltration
  • Chemicals
Graver Technologies melt blown filter cartridge

COAX™ Melt Blown filter cartridge

Two Stage Depth filter cartridge

The COAX Depth Filter cartridge is an integral two stage depth filter. The first stage of the filter cartridge is made of non-woven melt blown polypropylene to trap coarser articles.

The second stage inner core is composed of a bi-component polypropylene and polyethylene fibre to provide fine particle retention. This unique design provides a true graded density filter cartridge that offers a marked increase in useful life and dirt capacity.

In addition, the rigid nature means there is no flexing of the cartridge and greatly reducing media migration and particle unloading.

Filter Features–Benefits

  • Two stage graded density melt blown depth filter helps to Maximize dirt holding and useful life
  • Inert pure polyolefin construction, non-shedding media
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Low extractables
  • Meets USP Class VI standards – Acceptable for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications
  • Extensive range of lengths and configurations
  • FDA listed materials of construction


Paint • Perfumes • Cutting Oils • CMP Slurries • Magnetic Slurries • Corn Syrup • Plating Solutions • Pre R.O. • Coatings

Filter Specifications

Media: Polypropylene

End caps: Polypropylene

Gaskets/O-Rings: Silicone, Viton, EPDM, Buna-N

Micron ratings: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 50, 75μm


Typical nominal lengths: 9.75″, 10’’, 20’’, 30’’, 40’’ (24.8, 25.1, 50.8, 76.2, 101.6 cm)

Other lengths available

Outside diameter: 2.5’’ (6.35 cm)

Inside diameter: 1.0’’ (2.54 cm)

Maximum differential pressure: 50 psid @ 70 °F (3.45 bar @ 21°C)25 psid @ 140 °F (1.72 bar @ 60°C)

Recommended change-out pressure for disposal: 35 psid (2.4 bar)

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Graver Technologies Filtration specialists

Germ Africa distribute the renowned Graver Technologies range of filtration media, Ion Exchange Resins and adsorbents.

In the 1880’s Graver was part of Union Tank Carbide, which Supplied water treatment for pressure steam boilers.

Graver then became central to the supply of water treatment equipment to power generation and chemical processing industries.

The Graver Chemical Company which had become a Supplier of Ion Exchange resins, adsorbents and condensate filters was then established.

And finally Graver Technologies came along with a name change in 1998 with expansion into filtration and separation technologies.

The headquarters are now located in Delaware, USA, and Graver Technologies has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of filtration products.

Graver Technologies quality systems are ISO 9001:2000 compliant, and their membrane filters are flushed, tested and packaged in a Class ISO 7 clean room, they have a suitable filter cartridge for almost any liquid or compressed gas filtration application.

The Graver Range includes a wide variety of filter cartridges in the following formats.

Graver Technologies is one of the fastest growing filtration companies in the world and continues to server its clients with quality products at affordable prices.