Prius P MF

EMEC’s PRIUS P dosing pump has 10 working modes:

  1. constant
  2. ppm,
  3. %, 
  4. mlq,
  5. pause-work,
  6. weekly,
  7. pulse,
  8. mA,
  9. Volt
  10. and Batch

EMEC’s Prius also comes with the ability to measure level control, alarms and stand-by, the EMEC Prius comes in two mounting positions standard or rotated mounting.

Our piston can be supplied in either ceramic or SS plunger, aluminium enclosure, flow regulation and double ball check valve.

A Multifunction motor-driven pump brings a unique level of management thanks to LCD display and encoder electronic controller that ensure the highest accuracy in dosage setting.

The Prius is a Motor-driven plunger dosing pump, mechanical actuated, PRIUS combines efficiency and chemical resistance to a wide capacity range for an extensive number of applications.

• Multifunction plunger pump with inverter for low power ratings
• Working mode: Constant, ppm, %, mlq, pause-work, weekly, mA, Volt and Batch
• Level control
• Alarms
• Stand-by
• Double position of the electronic unit (standard or rotated mounting)
• Ceramic or Stainless Steel plunger
• Aluminium enclosure
• Flow regulation
• Double ball check valve
• Tropicalized three-phase motors