Flowrite “FH” clear bowl filter housings

Flowrite Clear Bown Filter Housing

Fowrite clear bowl filter housings are suitable for use in most liquid filtration applications. The housings are constructed Styrene-Acrylonitrile allowing for a wide range of industarial and domestic uses. The bowl comes in the standard 10” size to suite most standard filter cartridges.

The clear bowl housing comes with a standard ¾” NPT connection and can also be ordered with an optional pressure relief valve for ease of changing the cartridge.

Germ Africa also provides a range of cartridges for the housing including:

  • String Wound Filters (Domestic & Industrial)
  • Activated Carbon Filters (Domestic)
  • Membrane Filters (Domestic & Industrial)
  • Siliphos Cartridge (Domestic & Industrial)
  • Sterasyl (Domestic)

The Housing can be wall mounted (Brackets available) or in line and has a buttress type thread providing easy removal of sump for cartridge removal. The cartridge can be removed by closing inlet valve and opening the sump. This housing is for use on liquid service only, gas and manufacturing fluids are not suitable.


  • Styrene-Acrylonitrile
  • Clear housings can provide on-site examination of filter cartridges without sump removal.
  • Sump colour to your preference
  • Robust design for Strength
  • Corrosion resistant plastic materials compatible with most chemicals
  • Fits most piping systems
  • Low space requirements for given flow


  • Fits most piping systems
  • Low space requirements for given flow

Flowrite “FH” plastic filter housings are widely applicable on general purpose fluid filtration in many industrial, commercial or domestic settings including | Chemical | Ink & Paint | Food & Beverage | Petrochemical | Photographic | Plating | Electronics | Pharmaceutical | Domestic Water

Operating Parameters
Maximum Operating Temperature 125º F (51.7º C)
Max Operating pressure 850kPa
Max. Recommended change out differential pressure 125kPa






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