Prius P MF

EMEC’s PRIUS P dosing pump has 10 working modes:

  1. constant
  2. ppm,
  3. %, 
  4. mlq,
  5. pause-work,
  6. weekly,
  7. pulse,
  8. mA,
  9. Volt
  10. and Batch

EMEC’s Prius also comes with the ability to measure level control, alarms and stand-by, the EMEC Prius comes in two mounting positions standard or rotated mounting.

Our piston can be supplied in either ceramic or SS plunger, aluminium enclosure, flow regulation and double ball check valve.

A Multifunction motor-driven pump brings a unique level of management thanks to LCD display and encoder electronic controller that ensure the highest accuracy in dosage setting.

The Prius is a Motor-driven plunger dosing pump, mechanical actuated, PRIUS combines efficiency and chemical resistance to a wide capacity range for an extensive number of applications.

• Multifunction plunger pump with inverter for low power ratings
• Working mode: Constant, ppm, %, mlq, pause-work, weekly, mA, Volt and Batch
• Level control
• Alarms
• Stand-by
• Double position of the electronic unit (standard or rotated mounting)
• Ceramic or Stainless Steel plunger
• Aluminium enclosure
• Flow regulation
• Double ball check valve
• Tropicalized three-phase motors

Filters, Dosing Pumps, Industrial Lubricants, Resins


HIS Filter Housing – Domestic water Filtration

In-line filters are highly robust as they are under water pressure all of the time. They were originally designed to be fitted to the mains cold water pipe underneath the kitchen counter.

In addition to being used in the home, FICL’s in-line filters have proved very popular within the water cooler industry. They are easy to incorporate into cooler plumbing.

  • Ideal for kitchen (under sink), water cooler, or water fountain installation.
  • Up to 300 litres per hour of refreshingly clean drinking water on tap.
  • Easy to install and use. Simple to maintain. Wholly reliable.
  • No power required. Protecting you whether or not power is available.
  • Fitted with long life, cleanable, ceramic filters giving you extra value.
  • Filters out: Pathogenic Bacteria (cholera, typhoid, salmonella, E-coli, etc.). Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and other chlorine resistant parasites.
  • Particles such as rust down to 0.5 microns in size.
  • Chlorine to improve taste and odour (when fitted with a Super-sterasyl™, Supercarb™ or Ultracarb™ filter).
  • Harmful heavy metals such as lead (when fitted with an Ultracarb™ filter).
  • The HIS should be fitted with Sterasyl™, Carbosyl™, Supercarb™ or
  • Ultracarb™ filter candles.

Made from high quality stainless steel, the HIS is a cost-effective and easy touse filter unit. It can be used either to filter all cold water running into the kitchen sink, or to provide filtered drinking water via a separate faucet. The HIS is available with either push-fit or BSP threaded connections. DOULTON



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Germ Lubricants

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Germ Africa

The company traces its roots back to Germ Oils of the UK, and commenced business in South Africa in 1905. The company was incorporated in South Africa as a public company in 1938, with the parent company, Germ Oils of the UK, as its major shareholder. In the late 1960’s the company in South Africa was sold to the local management following a take-over of the parent company in the UK.

Today, Germ Africa (Pty) Ltd manufactures and trades in sectors mainly incorporating

  • Filtration
  • Metering/Dosing Pumps
  • Ion Exchange Resins
  • Industrial Lubricants