Flowrite PS series in line basket strainer

The Flowrite “PS” series in-line basket strainers utilize modern engineering techniques to provide a strong, robust strainer with a maximum pressure rating of 1000 kPa.

Flowrite “PS” series strainers are made from durable 304 stainless steel to ensure years of maintenance-free, reliable service. They are fitted with uniquely designed, oversized mesh-lined strainer baskets for low operating pressure drop and maximum dirt holding capacity.

One of the useful features of the “PS” strainer range is the unit’s cover which is secured by three simple and durable swing bolts to provide easy access to the strainer basket for cleaning.

Flowrite “PS” strainers are the perfect, easy-to-use protection for pumps, valves, piping and reticulation systems.

Features & benefits

All stainless steel
Low maintenance and excellent chemical resistance
Swing-bolt closure
Quick access, no-special-tools access to the strainer baskets. Durable and robust
Oversized basket
Maximum service intervals and highest dirt holding capacity

In-line construction
Installs easily into existing lines
Mesh lined basket
Various micron ratings are available. Wash clean & re-use