• Proprietary polypropylene, triple-layer construction adsorbs hydrocarbons from air, gas and aqueous streams for clearer results
  • Outer cover prevents fiber migration to reduce waste
  • Non-foaming microfiber offers product cleanliness, high performance and longer service life
  • High void volume means longer service life, higher contaminant loading and reduced waste loads
  • Easy change-out reduces down time
  • PolyLoc® ring creates a hermetic seal within a vessel housing to prevent liquid bypass
  • POMF 1A, 2A, 10A and 25A bags are made from FDA-compliant materials
  • POMF1A, 2A, 10A & 25A are available with NSF Standard 61 Certification
  • Available in stock for quick, one-week delivery


About POMF Filter Bags

The Polymicro microfiber filter bag (POMF) provides outstanding performance on contaminant applications where minimizing particle travel is important. The POMF contains three layers: a pre-filtering layer that removes coarse debris; the primary layer, composed of micro pores (for efficient particle retention); and an outer cover that prevents fiber migration. The finish-free fibers are non-foaming, which is ideal for food, beverage, water, chemical and coating applications.

Filter Media

  • Polypropylene microfiber

POMF1A, 2A, 10A & 25A

Available with NSF Standard 61 Certification

POMF 1A, 2A, 10A and 25A

Bags are made from FDA-compliant materials (OA bags also include an additional layer of oil removing material)

Auto Construction

(Seams on Inside)

Maximum Operating Temperature

160° F (71° C)

Suggested Differential Pressure

35 PSIG maximum — dirty 10-15 PSIG optimum change out

Micron Rating

1A: 1 micron 2A: 2 micron 10A: 10 micron 25A: 25 micron 50A: 50 micron 90A: 90 micron 120A: 120 micron OA: Special purpose 25 micron (OA includes an additional layer of oil removing material)


Plain Special NSF Construction for NSF 61 Certified Bags


1: 7” dia. x 16” long, 65 GPM 2: 7” dia. x 32” long, 125 GPM 3: 4” dia. x 8.25” long, 20 GPM 4: 4” dia. x 14” long, 35 GPM

Available Rings

PolyLoc® Snap fit metal Ronningen-Petter plastic ring Commercial steel ring Commercial plastic ring Ronningen-Petter snap fit