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PRISMA Dosing Pump

The PRISMA dosing pumps: the incomparable accuracy of the stepper motor – EMEC.

EMEC is proud to introduce the new stepper motor-driven dosing pump- PRISMA, the best solution for high-accuracy metering and extreme reliability.

Thanks to the new stepper motor and to the Multi-Function software, the PRISMA dosing pump offers complete control over dosing speeds. Working modes as well as great flexibility and repeatability, meeting even particularly complex application needs.

The PRISMA is also equipped with Level control, Alarms and Stand-by, while available working modes include Constant, Constant with external input, ppm, %, mlq, Pause-work, Weekly, mA, Pulse, Volt, external Batch and manual Batch.

The PRISMA dosing pumps feature the encoder control knob for quick browsing through the configuration menus. A large display screen allows for easy control and to regulate the working parameters. By changing background colors the PRISMA back-light display is capable of signaling different working status: pump running (green); stand-by (white); warning condition (yellow); alarm condition (red).

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The PRISMA stepper motor-driven pumps give you the most accurate control over the stroke speed, providing an outstanding turn-down ratio of up to 4800:1.

It means that the PRISMA, through its digital multi-function control, can split up the dosing process into a maximum of 4800 steps. This is in order to offer the most homogeneous and precise distribution of the product to dose according to the required application.


The extreme versatility of the PRISMA dosing pump is also due to Slow Mode function. With Slow Mode enabled you can reduce the suction speed to 75, 50 or 25% of the normal speed, making easier, more reliable and extremely accurate the priming and the dosing, even when you have to handle particularly viscous liquids.


The PRISMA stepper motor-driven pumps are available with dosing capacity of 5, 13, 28 and 80 l/h at a working pressure of 20, 10, 5 and 2 bar, respectively.

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Germ Africa

The company traces its roots back to Germ Oils of the UK, and commenced business in South Africa in 1905. The company was incorporated in South Africa as a public company in 1938, with the parent company, Germ Oils of the UK, as its major shareholder. In the late 1960’s the company in South Africa was sold to the local management following a take-over of the parent company in the UK.

Today, Germ Africa (Pty) Ltd manufactures and trades in sectors mainly incorporating

  • Filtration
  • Metering/Dosing Pumps
  • Ion Exchange Resins
  • Industrial Lubricants


Welcome to Germ Lubricants we have been blending lubricants and importing product into the Southern African market since 1938. Our experience as well as the quality of our oils makes our product the engineers choice.

Our Industrial Lubricants are used in many different industries including:

For further information on this range of lubricants, please contact Germ Africa one-mail: [email protected]

These lubricants are partly imported and partly blended by Germ Africa in our own blend plant.

Our Range

Neat Cutting Oils Tapping Fluid
Filmac Range Filmac VC5
Soluble Cutting Oils  Ancillary Metal Working
Filmis range KYM fluid
Sigma range Annealer fluid
Grinding fluids Brytoklean
Bryto No 5
 Permeo DP
Bryto 50B  
  Machineway Oils
Wire and tube Drawing Dynobear range
Priamus range Heavibear range
Odin range  
Cudra range Gear Oils
Wirol range Germol range
Aldra range Hypep
Cyldraw range  
Hydraulic Oils Bryto rope dressing
Momus range Cleanosine degreaser
Kineticol range Germ handcleaner
Rust protection Neo-Astra greases
Compressor Oil  
Ardton range