T Series – Wall Mounted Pumps

TMS series Metering Pumps – Wall Mounted Pumps

TMS DIGITAL metering pumps are manufactured in moulded glass filled and Polypropylene housing to ensure protection against aggressive chemicals and tough environment.


Digital multifunctional pump with 9 operational modes: Constant mode, divider mode, multiply mode, ppm, percentage mode, mlq, batch mode, mA mode, volt mode with level control & upkeep.


Proportional pump driven by an internal pH meter and level control.


Proportional pump driven by an internal ORP meter and level control.

  • Flow ranges from 5l/h to 50l/h
  • Pressure ranges from 1 to 20 bar
  • Pumps come complete with an installation kit.
  • Standard wet-end execution in PVDF
  • Available in 220V AC, 115V AC, 24V AC, 12V DC