The Auto-klean solution

For almost a century, Auto-Klean a British company, has been at the forefront of design and development of filter engineering, providing solutions for almost every need. The vast range of fluids handled range from water to highly viscous resins, from liquified gases to high temperature steam and from liquids under vacuum conditions to high pressure hydraulic oils.

Auto-Klean manufacture a complete range of filters designed to protect engineering plant by the continuous removal of harmful or unwanted solids from fluids. The outstanding feature of most of these filters is that they are self-cleaning whilst in service, either by mechanical operation, or manually by the turn of a handle.

Auto-Klean filters are designed for the protection of all installations incorporating fluid circulation systems, and the aim of this brochure is to assist equipment designers, manufacturers and users in accessing the correct filter solution for their needs.

Operation Principle

Filtration is effected by passing the fluid through a series of narrow slots in the wall of a cylindrical element formed by a set of inflexible hollow plates rigidly mounted on a spindle. Spacing washers are interposed between adjacent plates and it is the thickness of these that determines the width of the slot and thus controls the degree of filtration.

The assembly of plates and spacing washers is mounted on a central spindle which can be rotated eithr by means of a mechanical drive or by a munually operated external handle. The mechanical drive is normally provided by an electric motor, but the filters may also be operated by link gear connected to some moving part of the engine, by an hydraulic mechanism, or by a pneumatic system.

Adjacent to the element, but rigidly fixed to the filter cover, is the cleaner blade rod on which are mounted specially designed cleaner blades, one of which projects into each slot. The cleaner blades are specially angled to ensure that the dirt is removed completely out of the filtering slots.

The liquid flows from outside to inside the element and as it passes through the narrow slots the solids are intercepted by the edges of the plates, and accumulate around the wall of the element. As the quantity of dirt builds up on the filter element, all that is required to effect cleaning is to give the handle one complete turn. This revolves the plates against the self-aligning cleaner blades, which remove the solids out of and away from the slots and deposit such accumulated matter into the large capacity sump of the strainer body.

The sump is easily accessible by the removal of a sludge door or drain plug and the operation of cleaning out the separated solids, which occupies only a few moments, can be undertaken when convenient.

The Auto-klean Advantages

  • Self-cleaning whilst in service – no interruption of liquid flow
  • Finest positive full flow filtration – filters all the liquid all the time
  • Low pressure loss – maintains optimum flow
  • No fire risk – filter is cleaned without dismantling
  • Lowest overall cost – no costly element renewals
  • Saves space and weight – large capacities to relative size
  • Long life – lasts the life of the engine or plant
  • Simply cleaned by the turn of a handle –motor or manually operated.
  • Particularily suitable for applications in hostile environments.
  • Longer service periods between maintenance.
  • No messy filters to change

Typical Applications

Oils Water Other Liquids
Lubricating Cooling Solvents Beer & Beverages
Heavy Fuel Process Inks & Paints Adhesives
Diesel & Petrol

Typical Industries Steam

Clay Slip
Hydraulic Effluent
Food Products
Anything That Flows