Polypropylene Yarn Wound Filter cartridges

FLOWRITE Polyprylene yarn wound filter cartridges are an improved, conventionally wound filter cartridge manufactured on state-of-the-art precision winding machines. Continuous length winding eliminates dead spots and bypass. The single strand, purpose-spun roving employs a strictly controlled material to produce a consistently high quality filter cartridge giving optimum flow and filtration performance.

Advanced manufacturing technology and strict in-house quality control, combined with a variety of wind patterns, ensures filtration that best fits the application to provide economical and consistent results time after time. For advice on specific applications contact Germ Africa


  • Polypropylene core and yarn materials
  • Four different cartridge lengths
  • Six different micron ratings
  • State-of-the-art winding machines


  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Fits most housings without joining
  • Suitable rating for most applications
  • Consistent reliable quality


The table below gives the water flow rate in l/min per single 10” cartridge, based on a pressure drop of 7 kPa. Higher flow rates will result in higher pressure drops, but in no case should the flow rate exceed 38 l/min/cartridge

Operating Paramaters

Maximum operating temperature60°C
Maximum differential pressure350 kPa
Max. recommended change-out differential pressure180 kPa