NANODEX FILTER PAPERS TRACK SYSTEM AND PLANT PERFORMANCE by Monitoring Radionuclide and Corrosion Products

Graver’s patented Nanodex Ion Exchange Filter Papers enable diverse quantitative analyses in the power industry, especially nuclear, to monitor corrosion products, measure activity levels and satisfy fuel warranty requirements.

Nanodex AX 100 anion exchange filter disks contain strongly basic, quaternary ammonium functional sites in the chloride form, which can be converted to the desired ionic form (i.e. hydroxide) as required.

Nanodex CX 200 cation exchange filter disks contain strongly acidic, sulfonic acid functional sites in the hydrogen form. Contact your Graver representative for more information about these innovative filter papers.


  • High performance, specialty hydrophilic paper for a variety of analytical requirements
  • Uniform resin distribution throughout each disk
  • Standard 47mm diameter
  • Highly functionalised, highest ion exchange capacity analytical filter
    disks available
    Filter disks are easily digested by standard analytical methods


  • Excellent hydraulic characteristics
  • Consistent ion exchange capacity and utilization
  • Fit standard bench-top and inline filter holders and housings
  • Single disk used per test
  • Simple to quantify ions removed – X-ray fluorescence or Atomic Absorption